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Who We Are

Attitude of Excellence and Service

EPS Charlotte brings an attitude of excellence and service to the environmental health and safety of your organization. Our Chemical Engineers and Environmental Consultants evaluate your existing system by identifying problems and developing solutions to help keep them running smoothly and efficiently. We provide operational assistance and troubleshooting to ensure permit compliance and optimized process operations.

We can work with your environmental health and safety team, or we can do the work for you, to assure your environmental reports and compliance agreements are properly filled out and filed accordingly.

We specialize in removing dissolved metals from wastewater with a focus on industrial wastewater in North Carolina.

Meet the Owner

Kellie Hedrick
Principal Environmental Engineer/CEO

Kellie Hedrick, P.E. has over 20 years of experience in consulting and operational compliance in physical/chemical industrial wastewater treatment and metals removal. (more…)

Our Professional Engineers and Licensed Operators bring an attitude of excellence and service to the environmental health and safety of your organization.