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Additional Scholarships available

There are several different scholarships available from the NC Safewater Endowment Program. Some of these are aimed at graduating high school seniors, while others are aimed at current college or community college students. Check the links to see what may interest you and apply since the deadline has just been extended.

The NC Safewater Endowment Program plans to award a total of $12,500 is scholarships and grants in 2015. The deadline to apply for the scholarships listed below has been extended to March 27, 2015. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain money to support your education!

Scholarship information and application downloads

The Carol Bond Fund Community College Scholarship – $1,000
The Carol Bond Fund/The Lynn and Lars Balck Water Environmental Stewardship Fund/The Rivers & Associates, Inc. Clean Water Education Fund Scholarship – $2,000
The Environmental Manufacturer’s Representative Scholarship Fund Scholarship – $1,000
The Frank and Susan Stephenson Water Environment Scholarship Fund Scholarship – $1,000
The Les and Elaine Hall Water Environment Stewardship Fund Scholarship – $1,000
The NC Safewater Fund/GHD Clean Water Fund Scholarship – $2,000
The NC Safewater Fund Scholarship – $1,500
The Crowder Construction Company Scholarship Fund Scholarship – $1,000
Raftelis Financial Consultants Environmental Finance and Management Fund Scholarship – $1,000

Learn more about these scholarships and the NC Safewater Endowment Fund at NCSafewater.org

The Significance of Significant Non-Compliance

Significant Industrial Users (SIU) or industrial businesses that generate a large amount of wastewater are regulated through strict monitoring of industrial output via EPA guidelines, issued permits, and the servicing Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW).

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