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What types of permits have you assisted clients with obtaining?

We have worked with clients to obtain new indirect discharge wastewater permits as well as stormwater permits. We have also provided permit renewal and compliance maintenance services to multiple clients. Environmental Process Solutions can coordinate periodic monitoring and ensure compliance with reporting requirements.

What types of industries do you serve?

We specialize in removing dissolved metals from wastewater, so any industry needing to reduce the dissolved metals concentrations in their wastewater would be a good potential client.

What types of processes does your company work with?

We have operated chemical mixing and feed systems used for adjusting pH. We have operated solids removal processes involving both standard circular clarifiers and inclined plate clarifiers. Dissolved air floatation units and oil water separators have also been utilized in systems Environmental Process Solutions has operated.

What operator certifications are held by your company?

We have a physical/chemical grade 2 license in the state of North Carolina. Currently, we are limited to physical/chemical operations only, though we anticipate expansion to include biological operations in the near future.